Marijuana Use
Why people use Marijuana

Many non-smokers do wonder why people smoke marijuana. They may even be curious about its side effects.

Some people even ask if smoking weed is bad. Bob Marley once said that using weed reveals to you your true self.


Tetrahydrocannabino, also known as THC is one of the major components of marijuana. As marijuana reacts with neurons in the brain, it mimics anandamide, a natural neurotransmitter, producing feelings of mild euphoria and calmness. This is the reason why many users find it very relaxing to unwind with at least a puff or three.

Weed (marijuana street name) is also used by some people just because they are bored. There is nothing wrong with this; however this is where the problem of lazy stoner comes in. Some people just smoke all day long without an objective in sight. Although cannabis is great, it may prevent you from evolving. If this is happening to you, it’s time to take a break.

Reason people use cannabis is to skip their every-day routines. Going to school or work every day can sometimes get exhausting more so if you do not wish to be there. So to some smokers, lighting up makes them reexamine what exactly they want. Sometimes you have to force one door to close for another to open. Marijuana can help you to step out on faith and pursue your dreams. Life isn’t just about your career and job. Neither will ever matter on the universal level.

Pain relief

Apart from the Tetrahydrocannabino, the other main chemical element found in cannabis is cannabidiol, commonly referred simply as CBD. It is often touted as a pain killer due to its analgesic properties. From suppressing headache to soothing your sore muscles, pain relief is one of the main reasons many people turn to the port. After being separated from THC (the element that makes people high), you can ingest CBD oil or apply topically as a cream or slave for pain relief without a buzz.


Marijuana culture is known to celebrate a peaceful atmosphere of sharing and community. One sign of openness and friendliness is passing the peace pipe or sharing a joint, and many users who would not think to lighten up on their own enjoy a green buzz while in the company of some friends. At a round of campfire or a party, cannabis can make an appearance and bring people together.

Some people also use marijuana to gain motivation and inspiration. At times you may find yourself at crossroads, not knowing what direction to follow. Marijuana can help you to see through the fog of life. Your journey begins as soon as you are able to see your road. Life is not about power or money but enjoying whatever you choose to do. Your life can easily change it path if you lack joy, peace and happiness. As soon as you discover your direction, follow it before you stop breathing.


Though legal in some countries, it is still illegal in many others, leaving many people wondering, why do people use marijuana? You can never find a universal answer to the above question; however, these are the most common reasons why marijuana is used by many people across the world.